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“#garnet” Tattoos

First session on #garnet from Steven universe done by @wolftattoos216 This piece is a wanna-be half sleeve, but what it lacks in amount of ink, it makes up for in inspired imagry.  The idea behind the abstract artwork is a phrase that means so much to me, " Although I may be broken, I am still beautiful." It is a depiction of a shattered stained glass window, taking both a spiral and a fractal-like approach, it is tightly spiraled in the center and quickly fractures and leave flowing and soft edges of 'the leftover shards. It is mostly done in grayshading, but sapphire blue, garnet red and bright emerald green are scattered throughout.Little ruby little garnet ❤️
GarnetSapphire, ruby garnet Steven universe Tatuagem de Steven Universo feita por Tröñ! #Tröñ #cartoonnetwork #cartoon #nerd #geek #cartoon #stevenuniverse #garnet #garnettattoo #iammadeoflove #quotesJanuary tattoo. Snow drop flowers, garnet, and snowflakes. This sweet tatt is my 11th tattoo. Derek at Level Up tattoo did this for me for my birthday!