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“#movie” Tattoos

Unique dotwork illustrative tattoo of a camera, perfect for movie lovers. By Tas Kal.Illustrative blackwork tattoo by Miss Vampira featuring a horror movie-inspired woman with a menacing hammer.Get a sleek minimalist movie tattoo by Miss Vampira, combining blackwork and illustrative styles for a unique look.Neo-traditional illustrative tattoo inspired by the movie Lost Boys, featuring a takeout box motif. By Jethro Wood.Illustrative tattoo by Jonathan Glick featuring a car, person, and movie motif. Perfect for those who love nostalgia and cinema.An illustrative tattoo by Katy Sarsfield featuring an hourglass, movie reel, and vintage phone. Perfect for film enthusiasts and nostalgic souls.Get creeped out with this illustrative horror movie tattoo by Miss Vampira. A stylish and eerie design for fans of the genre.Get a sleek blackwork tattoo inspired by your favorite movie, created by the talented artist Miss Vampira. Perfect for fans of minimalist style.Embrace the horror with this blackwork tattoo of Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Miss Vampira. A chilling masterpiece.Wall-e
Unique dotwork tattoo by Helena Velazquez inspired by a movie poster, featuring geometric and illustrative elements.Minimal and illustrative tattoo inspired by the cult movie 'Jennifer's Body'. Designed by Miss Vampira.Get a thrilling adventure with this illustrative Indiana Jones tattoo by Miss Vampira. Perfect for movie lovers!Discover the stunning realism and intricate details of this movie-themed tattoo masterpiece by renowned artist Jens Lemmens.Get the ultimate horror tattoo inspired by Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, by Miss Vampira. Perfect for any horror fan!Get a sleek and stylish illustrative tattoo of a woman inspired by your favorite movie, expertly done by Charlie Macarthur.A stunning black and gray realism tattoo featuring a samurai and ninja in an epic movie-inspired design by artist Jens Lemmens.Get a spooky black and gray realism tattoo inspired by the iconic Halloween movie character, Michael Myers, done by the talented Miss Vampira.Get your favorite movie character immortalized in Miss Vampira's signature blackwork style! Adorn your skin with a minimalist portrait that will truly stand out.Robert de Niro, mafia full sleeveTony Montana, mafia full sleeve