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“#ouroboros” Tattoos

Ouroboros Snake - FinelineOuroboros fineline tattoo in forearmGet mesmerized by this illustrative ouroboros tattoo design by Alien Ink. Discover the eternal cycle of life and rebirth with this striking piece.Ouroboros Elbow ouroboros#ouroboros #ouroborus #Ouroburos
Oroboros Tattoo - Customer wanted a more dragon face while maintaining a tribal feel that would work into a Polynesian & Geometric Sleeve. Black and gray fine line forearm tattoo featuring a mystical ouroboros snake with a mesmerizing eye by artist Lamat.SnakeGet inked by Goblyn Crew with a stunning traditional tattoo featuring a sun, snake, and ouroboros motif. Timeless and symbolic artistry.- Ouroboros - - Snake eating it self forming a circle with the tree of life in the middle , a tattoo that represents life and death •