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“#rat” Tattoos

Rat!Rat handRat pack Naughty little rat and his skull buddy by @denotattoo 
#surrealism #skulltattoo #rattattoo #rat #vermin #animaltattoos #besttraditionaltattoos #colourtattoo #tradworkers #skullsElegant black and gray tattoo featuring a flower and rat, expertly done by Fernando Joergensen on the lower leg.Get inked by Victor Martin with a unique black & gray design featuring a rat and a vase on your forearm.A stunning tattoo by Claudia Trash on the upper arm featuring a neo-traditional style with a snake and rat motif.Unique upper arm tattoo featuring a fine line design of a fencing rat by Ermis Atzemoglou. Perfect for animal and sports enthusiasts!Upper arm tattoo featuring a realistic black and gray rat design by renowned artist Elisa Thirteen. Visit us to get yours today!Express your dark side with this classic tattoo design featuring a snake and rat motif on your lower leg. Expertly done by tattoo artist Alessandro Lanzafame.Get a unique Japanese style tattoo of a rat or mouse on your arm by the talented artist Bananajims. Stand out with this intricate design
Intricate arm tattoo featuring a fierce tiger, clever rat, and adorable mouse in traditional style by Eddy Ospina.Rat filler!! Rat #goodguysupply #mithramfg #inkjecta #rat #ratattoo #sideboobtattoo #ribtattoo Rat-a-tat-tat, thats the way it is. Thanks Julie!Get a stunning Japanese style rat tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist Bananajims. Unique and eye-catching!Get inked with a stunning fine line tattoo of a rat and mouse design by the talented artist Bananajims.Experience the duality of emotions with this striking Japanese tattoo by Bananajims, featuring a hannya mask and a rat motif.Explore the world of Japanese mythology with this dynamic samurai and rat tattoo on the upper leg. Created by the talented artist Bananajims.By RO. Robert Pavez • Sweet Rat • done in @inkdistrictamsterdam - ?? 2018 #engraving #dotwork #etching #dot #linework #geometric #ro #blackwork #blackworktattoo #blackandgrey #black #tattoo #finelineGet a unique and detailed rat tattoo on your forearm with fine line work and illustrative style by tattoo artist Aygul. Stand out with this trendy design!Capture the whimsical charm of a cartoon rat holding a sparkling diamond in this detailed black and gray micro realism tattoo by Fresh Flower. Perfect for arm placement.