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“#wannabe” Tattoos

Wannabe a tattoo artist..#heart#granade#nails#blackwork#sketchWe are the real “Tattoo Korea” !!F**k all other wanna be’s !! We been around for 12years one area !! Fools know we get recognized so #fools are using our name again!! But come on~~ Be original for once !! There using our name and over charging people like if they were some superstar !! any professional tattoo artist would charge $500 and this fake ass fools here in Korea charges $2000 to $7000 ! I understand if there international superstar tattoo artist but come on this fools are no body !! They want price them selves high yeah thats cool too but to a point marking price X10 as no body is just been an asshole !! And using our name thats even more fu*ked up!! Fools can be fake if that what they decide to be but be fuc**ng reasonable with price !! 10 out of 9 tattoo shops do that here in Korea !! I know shops that charges really low too those fools use #fake ink and needles !! I don’t know why this fools don’t have #respect for themselves as an artist ! Fu*k it I’m A just be myself and be original ! I came to Korea from Cali 2006 and opened up Tattoo Korea . 2008 i see how the wanna be tattoo artist here Korea was fake as so I decided to file for Certificate Of Service Mark Registration and took 2year i got it in 2010 . I know I don’t need prove anything to anybody but this images for the fake f*cks !!Fu**kin Fake ASSES !!** WE ARE TATTOO KOREA ** #타투코리아 #인스타 #타투코리아 #강남타투 #wannabe #us #? #go #fuck #your #self #! #! #tattookorea #instagram
Platform shoe Wannabe tattoo by @zoeyramonetattoos #wannabe #platformshoe #spicegirlstattoo #spicegirlsIt resembles that I'm a wannabe filmmaker.Halloween Spice girls tattoo by @smokingmermaidtattoo #wannabe #ouija #spicegirlstattoo #spicegirls