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“#waves” Tattoos

Last spot on this sleeve completeI have'nt done one of these in a minute!A classic #koi and #peony sleeve by @mattbeckerichImmerse yourself in the world of samurais and dragons with this intricate body suit tattoo, featuring stunning waves and finger waves.Transform your body into a canvas with this stunning Japanese tattoo featuring flowers, horns, waves, and intricate finger waves by renowned artist Stewart Robson.Delicate fine line floral design with flowing waves and an eye, created by Jack Henry Tattoo.Get a vibrant new school tattoo of a frog riding waves by Kiko Lopes on your forearm.Get mesmerized by this intricate hand-poked pattern of waves on your upper arm by Indigo Forever Tattoos.Elegant and intricate forearm tattoo of beautiful waves, expertly done in fine line style by the talented artist Katia Barria.
Dive into a mesmerizing world of sea and waves with this detailed blackwork forearm tattoo by Jake Masri.Discover the stunning combination of patterns and waves in this artistic arm tattoo designed by the talented Alex Santo.Experience the beauty and strength of Japanese culture with this intricate body suit tattoo by Stewart Robson. Featuring a dynamic combination of flowers, swords, gods, samurais, and powerful waves.Samurai helmet Dragon koiWavy waves. #waves #sea #fineline #illustrative #black&grey #wavy #armtattooStewart Robson created a stunning tattoo featuring fish, sakura, koi fish, waves, finger waves, and cherry blossom motifs in traditional Japanese blackwork style.Elegant blackwork forearm tattoo by Kiko Lopes featuring traditional Japanese motifs of fish and waves.#tattoo #tatouage #wave #wavetattoo #waves #wavestattoo #dot #dotwork #dotworktattoo #dotworkers #dottattoo #lausanne #lausannetattoo #tattoolausanne #fann_ink Experience the beauty of traditional Japanese art with this intricate tattoo featuring koi fish, flowers, and waves.Get a stunning Japanese koi fish tattoo on your shin, featuring intricate waves by talented artist Matthew Ono.Explore the depths with this intricate fine line tattoo featuring a geometric shark, waves, and sting ray by Federico Colantoni.