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My next tattoo

Shawna Marie
Naughty bum Healed! Wip. great start to this big side piece! Cute littke royal pooch First one from today! (Side knee ditch) bum, I never tire of doing these!! ❤️🍑 Custom ornamental roses. Would love to do more like this! Email me at #roses #neotraditional #neotraditionaltattoo #neotrad #ornamental #redroses #floraltattoo #ornamentaltattoo #colortattoo
Lazy bum Darh vader's crotch next to a leg nipple 😂Tiny inner arm skull Calf pirate catTough to photograph swollen and colours a little off. Bum on a bum. Frilly see through knickers for this lovely lady. Her first tattoo! 🍑💜 "Tramp stamp" booty!! Finally someone went for one!!! And its an ode to her now covered own tribal piece ❤️