10 Hardcore Straight Edge Tattoos!

10 Hardcore Straight Edge Tattoos!

Commonly abbreviated to 'sXe', Straight Edge is the name given to subculture of hardcore punk.
Whose fans and adherents opt to go alcohol, tobacco and recreational drug free, people who are Straight Edge are essentially punk Teetotalers and most are awesome people!! The Straight Edge culture emerged in the 1980s hardcore punk scene and has been around ever since.
CM Punk, the proud owner of Straight Edge tattoos!!
A significant part of Straight Edge is the use of the letter X as a symbol, and it is commonly worn on the backs of a persons hands. The straight edge X has been traced to the Teen Idles' 1980 West Coast tour. The band's members were scheduled to play a venue in San Francisco, but on arrival the venue management discovered band members were all under the legal drinking age and would be denied entry to the club. As a compromise, management marked each of the members' hands with a large black X as a warning to the club's staff not to serve alcohol to the band, and the rest as they say is history. The X was adopted as a Straight Edge symbol and it remains so today!
Now when you talk of Straight Edge tattoos one name comes to mind first, CM Punk!! The former wrestler turned MMA fighter is a vocal advocate of the Straight Edge lifestyle and has the tattoos to prove it. Across his stomach the words 'Straight Edge' and written on his knuckles 'Drug Free'.
Though Punk is not alone, tattoos have become a common part of being Straight Edge and showing your choices ink a popular thing! Here are 10 hardcore and awesome Straight Edge tattoos to enjoy!
'Better things to do', artist unknown
Straight Edge traditional piece by Mike Cann
Straight Edge wolf by Paul Nycz
'sXe' by Taneli Jarva
'Never Again', artist unknown
X Praying Hands, unknown artist
'Stay True'
Awesome Straight Edge X's... unknown artist
Straight edge tattoo
Brilliant take on the Straight Edge X's!!
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