8 Wishful Hoju Tattoos

8 Wishful Hoju Tattoos

A small Japanese design with big meaning makes a great filler tattoo!

Don't be fooled by their size - these hoju tattoos are awesome! 

Although small, the hoju is a classic image in traditional Japanese art and myth. Believed to be a wish fulfilling jewel and a bringer of good health, the hoju is often depicted as an orb with a pointed top and is occasionally surrounded by flames. The hoju likewise has strong ties to Buddhism and three hoju together are said to represent the three jewels of Buddhism; Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. 

As a tattoo however a hoju has become a popular gap filler, especially in Japanese themed work. Brightly colored and packed with symbolism a hoju tattoo is a design any fan of Japanese body art should consider. Take some time to enjoy these hoju tattoos and see just how cool this little design can be! 

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