20 Foreboding Noose Tattoos

20 Foreboding Noose Tattoos

Dark and macabre tattoos are a popular tattoo choice, the representation of a death being one of the most common subjects.
Death in tattooing is commonly depicted as a skull, though at times other symbols and images are used, such as in noose tattoos! The loop at the end of a rope in which the knot slides to make the loop collapsible, a noose is arguably the most recognized knot and also the most feared. The imagery and symbolism associated with a noose is almost never ending, though two meanings stand out above all others; execution and death!!
The association of nooses with death comes from the long tradition of nooses being used in executions, the hangman's knot or hangman's noose is a noose traditionally used in the execution of condemned individuals. Primarily in prisons where the individual is executed by hanging!! Those greeted by the hangman's noose breathed their last breath with it around their neck, so it is no surprise that the image of a noose brings fear to many. Interestingly there are 13 coils in a hangman's noose, further adding to the foreboding nature of this knot!! Sometimes seen as a prison style tattoo, noose tattoos come with many connotations, for some its a reminder of the end we all meet for others its a sign of what's to come for them. Then again it could just be because it makes a cool little tattoo!!
Heart shaped noose tattoo
Noose and Scythe Tattoo by Antonio Roque
Noose and Skull Tattoo by Ryan Carr
Prison Style Hand Tattoo, artist unknwon
Noose Heart Tattoo by Bruno Cavalcante
Lovers Noose Tattoo by Fergus Simms
Noose Neck Tattoo by Apro Lee
Noose Palm Tattoo by Billy White
Noose Ship Tattoo, unknown artist
Skull with noose
Little Noose Tattoo by Alexander Boyko
Noose Filler Tattoo by Bert Thomas
Black and Grey Noose Tattoo by Charlie Coppolo
Hangman's Noose Tattoo by Matt Crocker
Noose Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
Tattoo artist: Tattoos by James
Noose Thumb Tattoo, unknown artist
Nature combined with the noose
Razor Noose Tattoo by EMS
Skull Noose Tattoo by Harriet Heath
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