17 Imposing Chain Tattoos

17 Imposing Chain Tattoos

Chain tattoos are often looked at as a rather dark and negative tattoo image.
They have a prevalent use in prison tattooing, frequently being used as a symbol of incarceration and life sentences, but chain tattoos do have a place outside the prison world. For many people chains represent oppression, slavery and defeat, although they can symbolize the opposite also. A broken chain is an image that expresses release and freedom, both mentally and physically. Chain tattoos can have a religious meaning as well, some see the image of an unbroken chain as a symbol of subservience to religion and religious bonds.
Whether you're looking at a chain tattoo to symbolize oppression or freedom they make a solid tattoo. Bold and in your face chain tattoos look badass and standout from other traditional designs. They can also make a great matching tattoo, chains have the association of inter-connectivity and linking one thing to another, so if you and a friend are after a tattoo that shows how you're connected a small chain design is a good option. Then again if you're facing a life sentence and want to impress your new inmates a chain tattoo may help...
Blackwork Chain Tattoo by Bastien Jean
Butterfly Chain by Stuart Cripwell
Great Wrist Tattoo by Ashley Love
Ankle Piece by Austin Maples
Bold Tattoo by Bruno Makowski
Some Awesome Work by Joe Bruce
Chain Tattoo by Fergus Simms
Knuckle Tattoos by Dan Crowe
Tattoo by Heather Bailey
Traditional Style by Jason Ochoa
Badass Side Tattoo by Michelle Flynn
Broken Chain Tattoo by Mike Curatello
Chain Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
Broken Chain Tattoo by Rich Lajoie
Knee Tattoo by Ryan Cooper Thompson
Chain Tattoos
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