25 Sweet Side Face Tattoos

25 Sweet Side Face Tattoos

Turn your heads a bit and let us see those sweet, sweet side face tattoos!
Pictured, Hannah Snowdon-Sykes
We've gotten some pretty sweet and thrill feedback on our previous face tattoo post a while back and we're back with another. Although these face tattoos aren't as hardcore as the ones before, they're just as banging.

The side face tattoo is pretty self-explanatory. It's a more slightly ‘discreet’ option in face tattoos. In most cases, people get thin and vertical tattoo designs like daggers, arrows, and straight razors to put on the far side of their faces fitted snugly beside the tragus. Some opt for larger designs that stretch to their cheeks and forehead.
Dagger side face tattoo via sextattoosdrugs/Tumblr
Side face tattoos—all types of face tattoos, for that matter—isn't for everyone. You can't be just squeamish to assume that all face tattoos are shitty. That's a pretty flawed opinion. If you get offended with people giving you crap about your own tattoos, it would be pretty hypocritical to do the same with people with face tattoos. #Respect
Bradley Soileau - Courtesy of Next Management
Model Bradley Soileau is known for his love of tattoos by Sean From Texas, which is why he chose Sean to do the honor of tattooing the noose tattoo on the side of his face.
Artist unknown
Photo by Stan Stotch
Unalome face tattoo by Misa Bocek
Half mandala tattoo of xenofoxy/Tumblr
Arcane symbols in white ink by Tai Van Tattoo
Go with white ink if you want to be a bit bolder yet not too bold. Watson Atkinson does excellent white ink tattoos.
Butterfly tattoo via tattoome/Tumblr
Artist unknown
Half mandalas and dotwork go together really well and the ones I've seen on the face turned out really good so far like this one.
by Or Kantor
Tasteful ornamental piece for a side face tattoo.
via DSpider face tattoo via Dubuddha Orgubuddha Org
Scythe in blackwork by baylenlevore
Crossed arrows in blackwork by Philippe Fernandez
Clean linework, minimalist design. A larger side face tattoo I wouldn't mind getting.
Symbol of oil in alchemy tattoo by josehateslife/Tumblr
Keeping it small and subtle.
Linework tattoo by ylitenzo
Chain side face tattoo by Error
Heart dagger face tattoo by Zak Rodgers at The Art Parlor in Riverside, CA
Looking for more heart dagger tattoo designs? There's more here.
Abstract side face tattoo - Courtesy of BME
Artist unknown
Sick, strategically-placed side face tattoo in blackwork.
r.k. by b.l. in Berlin 2015
Pictured, James Edward Quaintance
Half mandala tattoo by suryainkfamily
Tattooed couple: @jerrodxmichael and @minaxkate - Courtesy of cellestuff/Tumblr
Pictured, Kat Von D
Tattoo artist and reality star Kat Von D is known for her trademark stars on the side of her face.
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