20 Heart-Shaped Locket Tattoos

20 Heart-Shaped Locket Tattoos

The heart locket tattoo symbolizes love for another whether realistic, contemporary, decorative Victorian, black and gray or full color.
For centuries the heart icon has continued to represent love and devotion. Traditionally, the locket was meant to hang from a chain long enough for the locket to rest over one's heart. It typically held tiny pictures or keepsakes (like a lock of hair) of loved ones. Today's heart locket tattoos are commonly designed with a keyhole and companion skeleton key symbolizing the old adage, 'you own the key to my heart'.
Heart locket and key tattoos are often worn by couples or soul mates; one wearing the locket with the keyhole and the other wearing the key. If the female is wearing the locket, she may choose a more elaborate feminine design style. Today heart lockets can be worn anywhere since the symbolism is evident. Heart-shaped locket tattoo designs are wide range: realistic, traditional, neo-traditional, color, black and gray, simplistic or more elaborate Victorian designs.
Neotraditional heart locket by Michelle Maddison
Ruby-jeweled black and gray heart locket by Pete The Thief
Colorful Victorian design by Lynn Akura
Beautiful black and gray realism by Oscar Akermo
Neotraditional heart locket and roses by Alison Manners
Neotraditionl roses and ribbon heart locket tattoo by Guen Douglas
Colorful neotraditional by Matt Huston
Realistic black and gray heart locket by Tattoo Tony
Adorable neotraditional owl heart locket by Chris Rigoni
Realistic rose and vintage locket and key by Half Pint
Neotraditional heart locket by Valerie Vargas
Victorian heart locket design by Jessica Brennan
Realistic heart locket and rose by Matt Jordan
Decorative heart locket and flowers by Michael Ashworth
Heart locket tattoo design by Hannah Catherine Falvey
Neotraditional heart locket design by Tom Bartley
Neotraditional heart locket with purple roses Source: Pinterest
Beautiful heart locket composition by Justin Hartman
Detailed realistic black and gray vintage heart locket by Pete The Thief
Neotraditional heart locket with roses and quill by Oberam Rosen Schloss
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