Forget About Arms With These 22 Inspiring Leg Sleeves!

Forget About Arms With These 22 Inspiring Leg Sleeves!

With leg tattoos like these you'll be throwing out all of your pants just to show them off.

When it comes to tattoo sleeves it is fare to say a large majority of attention falls on peoples arms.

After all arm sleeves are arguably the more common tattoo sleeve and they are often the ones people display most frequently. That is not to say leg sleeves are the lesser option! Fully tattooed legs are a beautiful sight! Let's face it, there's a lot more surface area on a leg than an arm; meaning bigger and better pieces of ink!

A pair of fully tattooed legs is today a reasonably common sight, though fully tattooed arms still lead the way, but legs are definitely fighting back and staking their claim as the most badass type of tattoo sleeve. The rise of the leg sleeve has been largely fueled by the number of women taking the step and decorating their legs in ink! Whether they are going the full way and tattooing ankle to hip or simply decorating a thigh women have had a big hand in making leg sleeves a fashionable and sexy tattoo choice! But fear not men, leg sleeves are equally at home on a guy and look just as good! So for all you guys and gals thinking of coloring those beautiful legs of yours get ready to be inspired by these 22 leg sleeves!

This gorgeously inked leg belongs to Angelina Kostina!!
Leg sleeve
Incredible Black and Grey Leg Sleeve by Joseph Haefs
What's a better sight than some classic leg tattoos!!
Leg sleeve
Jessie Highlands Black and Grey Leg Tattoo
Old School Leg Tattoos by Franz Stefanik
Amazing tattoo by Jesse Smith
Leg sleeve
Leg Tattoos including work by Shon Lindauer and Thomas Morgan
Beautiful Leg Tattoo by Marco Manzo
Myke Chambers Traditional Leg Tattoos
Great Neo-Traditional Leg Tattoo
Love this front leg piece!!
Leg sleeve
Sabrina Kongsted Leg Gorgeous Tattoos
Another Shot Of Sabrina Kongsted's Incredible Leg Tattoos
Awesome classic work on this guys legs!!
Some killer work by Stuart G Cripwell
Another Angle Of Stuart g Cripwell's work
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