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Hackney’s Burgeoning Tattoo Scene

Hackney’s Burgeoning Tattoo Scene
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Book with the best tattoo artists in one of London's most creative boroughs.

Hackney has long been a hub of cultural diversity and creativity in London. The Borough, which surrounds the main artery of Mare Street, is both young (a quarter of its population is under 20) and multicultural (Hackney is home to a myriad of communities, but has large Black and Turkish populations in particular). These factors make Hackney a truly great place to live and visit, from its summer Carnival celebrations to the bustling living history that is Ridley Road Market.

As you might expect, this creative culture drips down in the world of tattooing. Hackney has no shortage of tattoo studios and talented artists to bring your tattoo visions to life.

In this article, we’ve picked just a few that you can (and should!) book in with.

Andreachiara Pelosi, Hackney Tattoo Parlour 

For your blackwork, dotwork and ornamental needs, Hackney-based tattoo artist, Andrea, is not one to miss. Working out of Hackney Tattoo Parlour in Lower Clapton, Andrea’s work is intricately detailed, from the most complex creatures to a simple slice of fruit. While Andrea uses his own designs, he’s also happy to work with clients to come up with their own visions.

Vítor Árkiro, Femme Fatale Tattoo

A Brazilian artist, now based in East London, Vítor is passionate about life, nature and human connection—all of which come through in his work. Specializing in abstract and illustrative styles, Vítor likes to figuratively (and sometimes literally!) connect the dots between the person and the design to create the perfect artwork for the individual.

Misa, Hackney Tattoo Parlour and Shall Adore 

Another Hackney Tattoo Parlour resident, Misa, specializes in blackwork, abstract and fine line tattoos. Misa’s thorny artistry plays with bone structures, creating visually dynamic pieces that sit boldly on the skin. Misa is available for custom designs and also works out of Shall Adore Tattoo studio in Shoreditch.

Alex Travers, Vagabond Tattoo and Seven Doors Tattoo

Ending with an interesting spin on traditional tattooing, Alex Travers likes to incorporate additional details into his artwork, often using Japanese imagery and flashes of colour to bring designs to life. While traditional is his forte, Alex is also available for fine line black and grey. You can find him at both Vagabond Tattoo and Seven Doors.

Nish Rowe, The Black Tattoo Co. 

Specializing in Afro Tribalism and black work, East London-based tattoo artist, Nish Rowe turns her needle to almost any design—from coiling dragons to poignant portraiture. Nish also advocates for and specializes in tattooing Black skin and the different techniques, styles and aftercare that come with it.

Laura May, Femme Fatale Tattoo

The work of tattoo artist, Laura May, feels like stepping back into the fun, trashy period of the early nineties. Customers flock to Femme Fatale Tattoo on Broadway Market where she works requesting retro Betty Boop designs and pin-ups along with her signature sharp and spiky “tramp stamps” that are proving particularly popular with the recent Y2K resurgence.