32 Original Rose Tattoos

32 Original Rose Tattoos

You ever ever wanted a rose tattoo but you held yourself back because you didn't want to have a popular tattoo?
Yes, rose is the most widespread design since the 30's and sailors tattoos. But that doesn't mean you can't get a unique rose tattoo design that will stand out. Artists all over the world rack their brain to create astonishing rose tattoos that could inspire you for a very offbeat piece of ink you'd be proud to show without that 'oh yes, of course, a rose tattoo'. Let's talk about imaginative rose designs here. Ever heard of morph tattoos? Morphing is the fusion between two different elements. Of course, the most common is a skull with a rose, a badass symbol of strenght, 'seize the day' and 'memento mori'. But the possibilities of morphing things with a rose are limitless as Houston based tattoo artist Andres Acosta shows it.
Morphing is not the only option. You can have 3D realistic roses, graphic versions with inspirations of the Trash Polka style as well as endless new geometric, dotwork and watercolor creative reinventions. Ready for petal frenzy? Here are 32 out of the box rose tattoos to open your possibilities.
Love this rad roadtrip rose morph! By Andres Acosta too.
A rose with lens and pixels, also by Acosta.
Badass hand tattoo by Andres Acosta! Even if roses are associated with feminity and love, men can ink them too to pay a tribute to a loved one or for a more intimate meaning. Get rid of clichés!
Octopus dangerous rose.
Roses and butterflies, love tattoo
Roses could also morph with a woman's portrait. Here by Tony Mancia.
Classic badass skull rose by Ryan Mullins.
Lethal rose, artist unkwown, let us know.
In chicano tattoo culture, the rose is also morphing with dollars. Tattoo by Christopher Henriksen.
Great geometric rose tattoo.
Very nice blackwork/dotwork inspired by the Depeche Mode's rose, by Meatshop Tattoo.
Inspired by Disney movie Frozen, by Stoner.
Another frozen rose: breathtaking art by Steve Butcher!
Roses are a good central point for a more complex tattoo. Here by Sergio Gas.
Gorgeous and unique half sleeve!
Trash Polka inspired hand tattoo by Phatt German.
Beautiful graphic roses by Petra Hlavackova with a tasty feminine placement.
Even old school roses can be original, here with a pin-up leg. But everything is possible!
Some morphing ideas here too with these puzzle rose and butterfly. By Cory Salls.
And, to end this article, an amazing glossy, glamourous and hyperrealistic tattoo by Boris of Wien.
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