Dip a Teeny Toe Into Ink: Tiny Tattoos for Everyone

Dip a Teeny Toe Into Ink: Tiny Tattoos for Everyone

In this collection of tiny tattoos, we make sure to prove that small tattoos can be for all! Who doesn't need a lil filler now and then?

You may think that tiny tattoos are only for the faint of heart, but think again! Not only have we written before about how small tattoos can often pack a whole lotta meaning, but truth be told: being covered in tattoos is definitely a lifetime devotion, and sometimes people just aren't down. Which is cool! These miniature works of art add a little sparkle to anyones skin, and can often be full of creativity and surprising humor! In this particular selection of pieces we also tried to include ink that could be tattooed on anyone...we know there are tons of guides out there sparking inspo for tattoos for women, men, and even temporary tattoos for festival fans, but these tats here are for everyone anywhere!

As the tattoo industry and community grows, so too do the influences of tattooing poke up in every artistic aspect of our lives! T-shirts, socks, pins, books, prints...even tv shows: they're all getting injected with the aesthetics of tattoo artwork. This is totally awesome for a number of reasons (who doesn't love/need a lil more art in their lives?) but it also means that societal views on tattoos are quickly changing. More people want ink, even if it only means a tiny drop of it! And to each their own, we dare say, since small tattoos, and even big tattoos, are a matter of taste and style. Not everyone wants a bodysuit, and we can totally understand that!

We also hope everyone realizes that just because someone has a bodysuit, over a small tattoo, definitely doesn't mean that the full body tattoo is more meaningful. In fact, sometimes the opposite holds true: many of the people at Tattoodo are heavily tattooed, and some will explain that, after awhile, another tattoo is another tattoo. For many of us it's more about the memory or the experience of getting the piece, and this includes anyone who gets artwork on their body! 

That being said, for those who don't have a whole lot of ink, choosing a minimalist tattoo to get can be more tricky...more of an internal conversation. Perhaps a lot of them are asking, "Will I love this forever?"...and although we can't guarantee that you will, we totally noticed, putting this collection together, that so many of these pieces really pack a punch! Whether a nostalgic nod to favorite cartoons, a perfectly depicted origami crane, or even a simple heart tattoo...these unique pieces may be very minuscule, but they sure are magnificent.

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Interestingly enough, another thing these tiny tattoos have in common, is that some of them are actually hand poke tattoos. We're sure you've heard of it, but just in case: hand poke tattoos are non electric and simply describes the practice of tapping ink into the skin one poke at a time. It's such an incredible technique because it's absolutely ancient! For all you history buffs and tattoo nerds, you'll know that all archaic tattooing began this way. Tribal tattoos, centuries ago, were created with tools very similar to the modern tattoo needle but usually consisted of bone, cactus spines, and other natural elements rather than molded metal. It's so cool to think that contemporary tattoo artists are continuing this beautiful human tradition of expression!

As the even keeled tattoo professionals that we proudly proclaim to be, we will tell you: all tattoos are cool if they mean something to you, but not all tattoos need to be meaningful. Does that make sense? Sometimes a micro tattoo could be boring to one person, and radicle to the next. That's what's so great about tattoos, and art, there is something for everyone, and we're sure to have it!

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