20 Charming Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

20 Charming Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

Bright, colourful, nonsense or imaginativeness...all these Alice in Wonderland tattoos has their own charm to them...
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, or more commonly Alice in Wonderland, is a novel first published in 1865 and was written by literary legend Lewis Carroll aka Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. The story tells of a young girl, Alice, falling down a rabbit hole and emerging in a fantasy world populated by an abundance of unique and peculiar creatures and her adventures in the world thereafter. Considered a classic the story of Alice in Wonderland is to this day recognised as one of the finest examples of the literary nonsense genre and held in highest regards for the characters and settings it produced, which have in turn had a large influence in both popular culture and literature, and of course on all things fantasy.
The imagination of Carroll and the abundance of his interesting creations have inspired countless songs, poems, books, TV shows and films. Arguably the most notable are the 1951 Disney movie Alice in Wonderland and the 2008 Tim Burton movie of the same name, though Burton's creation also takes much influence from Carroll's 1871 sequel Through The Looking Glass. After well over a century of success the popularity of Alice and her adventures show no signs of slowing down, the crazy characters and obscure world a perfect remedy for a ones imagination on a dull day. The sheer fantasy of Alice in Wonderland offers numerous interpretations of creativity, one such manner is taking all the best bits of the story and throwing them into a tattoo!! Bright, colourful and a little bit fantasy Alice in Wonderland makes for a great tattoo subject!
An amazing Alice inspired sleeve!
Great work by Andreart Tattoo
Disney's Alice by Art n Style
Tim Burton's movie is the inspiration for this sleeve by Benjamin Laukis
Gorgeous Alice by David Corden Tattoos
The white rabbit by Drew Apicture
Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen by Grimmy 3D Tattoo
Beautiful white rabbit tattoo by Halo Jankowski
Tattoo by Lucky Draw Tattoos
Wonderland sleeve by Medusa Tattoo
Elegant tattoo by Oskar of tattoo and co Miami Florida
Disney Alice, artist unknown!
Awesome tattoos by Rocky Zéro
Cheshire Cat by Greg at Blue Rose Tattoo
Johnny Smith did this Wonderland teacup
Stunning white rabbit by Nouvelle Rita
Alice pin-up sleeve by Miro
Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter by Roman Abrego
Beautiful disney inspired tattoo, artist unknown!
Wonderland flower sleeve by Tim Kerr
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