15 Beautiful and Vibrant Jellyfish Tattoos

15 Beautiful and Vibrant Jellyfish Tattoos

Naturally mysterious and visually delightful jellyfish tattoos are a beautiful choice, and you're bound to stand out from the crowd.
First things first, jellyfish aren't exactly the cutting edge of ocean life, there exists much bigger and... well... much cooler sea creatures! But do not be put of by the jellyfish's humble nature, they've thrived in the worlds oceans for over 500 million years and while they are not the most exciting of creatures they do have an oddly charming look, yeah they kind of look like some weird alien but hats of to them, they work it well! In tattooing jellyfish have often been a space filler in aquatic and oceanic sleeves and back-pieces, however, with the rise of watercolor and dotwork tattoos the jellyfish has emerged as a popular contemporary tattoo choice.
To put it bluntly if you take the quiet and humble existence of a jellyfish and throw in some bright colors and you'll have yourself one hell of a tattoo!!
Abstract Watercolor Jellyfish By Kevin Cole
Amazing Jellyfish Tattoo, Artist Unknown
Jellyfish Tattoo
Bright and Bold, artist unknown
Dotwork Jellyfish Tattoo by Jan Mràz
Realisitic Jellyfish Tattoo by The Art of London
Dotwork Jellyfish Tattoo by Peter Aurisch
Fantastic side piece, artist unknown
Awesome colors by Maddy Stramaglia
Some Michele Zingales dotwork
New School Jellyfish Tattoo By Pat Whiting
Jellyfish Tattoo
Bold piece by Terry Ribera
Water Color Jellyfish Tattoo by Dead Romanoff Tattoo
Jellyfish Tattoo
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