Rose Tattoos Are Always In Bloom

Rose Tattoos Are Always In Bloom

No need to worry about thorns when looking at these rad rose tattoo designs

Roses are arguably the most popular flower in the world. They are inextricably linked to romance, their very image conjuring romantic notions. We’re willing to bet that roses are the most tattooed flower design in history. Rose tattoo designs have been popular since the early days of tattooing, and that has not changed at all over the years.

Roses, as we all know, are perennially flowering woody plants belonging to the genus Rosa. There are hundreds of different kinds of roses. We recommend this site for a brief introduction to the wide variety of roses that exist, it’s all too much for us to go into right now. We could also dive deep into the cultural symbolism of roses throughout history, but our good pals at Wikipedia already did that for us.

Instead today we want to use what precious space we have to talk about another facet of roses – how versatile they are, both as plants and as tattoo designs. Roses have many uses outside of ornamental decoration. Roses have been used in making fragrances for centuries, as rose oil is extracted from the plant and used in perfumes.

Parts of roses are also edible. Rose hips are used in making jams, jellies, marmalades, and soups, and roses are also used in parts of the world to flavor water and tea. In France, rose syrup is a common sight, and in the UK, rose creams are a popular treat.

Roses are also used in medicine. Roses actually have a long historical association with traditional Chinese medicine, having been used for stomach problems. Currently, scientists are investigating the rose’s potential growth-controlling effect on cancer cells.

Just like you can do seemingly anything with roses, you can do a wide variety of amazing stuff with rose tattoos. We’ve picked some of the sweetest tattoos of roses out there to highlight how amazing rose tattoo designs can be. Take a look at the most popular flower in the world and the most popular flower tattoo.

Gorgeous hand rose tattoo by Jamie Lee Parker #matching #rosetattoo #rose #hand #handtattoo #jamieleeparker
Gorgeous thigh tattoo by Pat Whiting. Damn, rose tattoos can look so beautiful on girl's thigh! #rose #rosetattoos #patwhiting #thigh
Amazing hand tattoo by Pete the Thief #rose #petethethief
Breathtaking back piece by Pistolero Tattoo. WOW, rose tattoos can cover the whole back and look so dope! #rose #pistolero tattoo #rosetattoo
Traditional rose by Saints and Sinners Ink. Rose tattoos can vary in different styles, this traditional piece looks so awesome! #traditional #traditionalrose #rose #rosetatto #saintsandsinnersink
Brilliant work by Sile Sanda #rose #rosetattoo #silesanda
Amazing hand by Tattoo Nero #rose #rosetattoo #tattoonero
Foot rose by White Rabbit Tattoo #footrose #whiterabbit #foottattoo
Rose Tattoo by Q Tattoo #rose #rosetattoo
Rose Skull Tattoo by Silver Needle Tattoo #rose
Skull Flower Rose Dotwork Tattoo by Ottorino d'Ambra. Rose tattoos combined with other elements can look so dope! Damn! #skull #skullflower #skullrose #rose #dotwork #ottorinondambra

Those rose tattoo designs are certainly as beautiful as roses themselves. And luckily, they will never wilt.

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