20 Powerful Africa Tattoos

20 Powerful Africa Tattoos

If Africa means something to you, then take a look at these powerful and beautiful Africa tattoos- the cradle of humanity.
This vast continent has attracted the fascination of the rest of the world for centuries, for its intense landscapes, fantastic wildlife and interesting traditions. Its endangered beauty also, at the mercy of wars, capitalist exploitation, poverty and climate changes. The peaceful tribes, with their ancestral knowledge and art, are threatened. Families, and especially children, are suffering from hunger, diseases and violence. The unique and gorgeous animal species are disappearing, killed by poachers. Yes, it is the cradle of humanity and we are destroying it.
Many people are fighting this injustice, because of their roots or for the love of human beings. Everywhere in the world, people are also thinking to Africa and paying a tribute to its beauty with tattoos. Many people wish to ink the hot continent in their skin to remember their family roots, to remember a moving travel or their commitment to saving Africa and its people. The outline of the continent is a widespread design. Symbols of Africa are also coveted, such as the lion, elephants and giraffe with a savanna background. But you can also get some intense portraits of people, family members, historical heroes or anonymous in traditional costumes, whose beauty is touching you.
A full sleeve as a tribute to Africa by Silvano Fiato.
Lovely photography of this minimalistic yet pretty tattoo by Sami Tattoo!
Gorgeous savanna piece by Pallis Rupinta!
The outline of the Africa continent is perfect to include another design, often the face of a beautiful African woman. Here by Miguel Angel Espinosa.
You can pick the "cute" version. By Marco Tripodi.
Incredible creativity in this tattoo by L'Oiseau!
You can also pay a tribute to Africa with one of its most famous heroe, Nelson Mandela. Here by Sergey Gas.
Breath-taking tattoo by Dmitriy Samohin!
This back piece in progress by Den Yakovlev is going to be crazy!
Indeed the outline of the continent is the most common type of Africa tattoos but you can add your personal twist. By Brad Pretorius.
Beautiful savanna with elephants by Bob Ink.
Minimalistic yet pretty by Artur Gil.
Of course, lion is the symbol of Africa! Stunning detail by Andrey Kolbasin!
Could you credit this peaceful landscape?
Subtle piece by Adam Thomas.
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