A Beginners Guide To Sacred Geometry Tattoos!

A Beginners Guide To Sacred Geometry Tattoos!

Sacred geometry tattoos are a hugely popular tattoo style, and if you're after one yourself be sure to check out this beginners guide!

One of the most popular contemporary tattoo styles is that of sacred geometry, but while it is a relatively new style in tattooing its influences date back centuries. Geometric patters and motifs have decorated churches, mosques and other sacred buildings for hundreds of years. Sacred geometry is itself inspired by patterns in the natural world, and sacred geometric tattoos take influence from it as well.

Using patterns and shapes of religious backgrounds and iconography, as well as some inspiration from nature, sacred geometry tattoos are a deeply symbolic style of tattoo. To give you a hand in choosing what geometric piece would be right for you we're bringing you some help!!

Flower of Life

The flower of life is a common geometric tattoo and consists of several evenly-spaced overlapping circles. Examples of the flower of life date back to Ancient Egypt and some sketches of the flower of life can be found in the journals of Leonardo Da Vinci.

The flower of life has an all-encompassing meaning and stands for the birth and growth of all life forms, including the human body and the way these life forms interact with each other.

Flower of Life Tattoo by Alex Edge

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Metatron's Cube

A variant of the the flower of life, the Metatron's Cube is 'composed of 13 equal circles with lines from the center of each circle extending out to the center of the other 12 circles'. Artwork featuring Metatron's Cube can be found in hundreds of old religious and sacred buildings.

The Metatron's Cube stands for the essence of life itself and is one of the most powerful motifs of sacred geometry tattoos.

by Dillon Forte

Chambered Nautilus (shell)

A geometric tattoo inspired by nature, the chambered nautilus takes inspiration from the actual chambered nautilus' shell. A bold and detailed image that makes for some beautiful tattoos! This shell shape is considered sacred because it follows the Golden Ratio, or the divine proportion, a ratio that is found in all living things that is also used in art because it is pleasing for the eye and conveys a certain form of aesthetic. Just like the flower of life and the Metatron's Cube, the chambered nautilus symbol blends mathematics with mysticism.

The chambered nautilus shell symbolizes the spiritual evolution one goes through during life. Just like the nautilus grows and add new chambers to its shell, people evolve and go through new phases of life as they grow older.

unknown artist


The Merkaba is a sacred geometry shape made of two intersecting tetrahedrons (or 3D pyramids), one pointing upward, the other pointing downward, creating a star. The word itself i an association of three words: Mer, Ka and Ba, which mean light, spirit and body, respectively. Hence, the Merkaba tattoo represents the connection between these three elements. The Merkaba symbol also represents another trinity: masculine, feminine, and power. In its whole, the Merkaba star stands for how these energies interplay to create the person we are, connecting body and spirit to the light, representing the divine. By extension, a Merkaba tattoo can symbolize enlightenment and power, the realisation of one's full potential.


Perhaps one of the most popular geometric tattoos the mandala is a spiritual and religious symbol in a number of Indian religions and represents the universe. Mandala tattoos stray a little from the traditional religious mandala image but still look awesome. They are usually composed of basic geometric shapes, mainly triangles and squares organized in a circular composition, making the pattern appear round.

unknown artist

Genesa Crystal

Unlike most of the other sacred geometry symbols, the Genesa Crystal is very new as it emerged in the 1940s after plant geneticist Dr. Derald Langham discovered this shape while studying cell development, a shape that is shared by all life forms. When reproducing this shape he found within the cells of the plants to the way he was planting and growing them, he realised that plants grew better.

The Genesa Crystal is made of four circles organized in a spheric shape. It is said to represent full, infinite potential: infinite love, infinite wisdom, infinite energy and infinite power.

An important part of any geometric tattoo is the detail and design, and for the most part these are best suited to black ink. Sacred geometry tattoos then are almost always done in black ink with dark shading, though they are often done in a dotwork style as well.

Sacred Geometry Tattoo Artists

If you're still after some inspiration for sacred geometry tattoos then take a look at these artists!!

Tomas Tomas

by Tomas Tomas

Glenn Cuzen

by Glenn Cuzen

Katia Somerville

by Katia Somerville

by Dillon Forte

Keegan Sweeney

by Keegan Sweeney


by Nissaco

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