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Top Female Artists To Get Your Next Tattoo From in London

Top Female Artists To Get Your Next Tattoo From in London
Tattoo Artists3 min Read

Looking for a female tattoo artist in London? Choose from one of Tattoodo's partners!

If you’re looking for a new tattoo artist in London, the choices and options might seem overwhelming. London is home to a variety of tattoo shops brimming with talented artists and a growing number of them are women at the top of their game.

Keeping the badass legacy of female tattooers alive, (on Women’s History Month especially!) we’ve put together a collection of our favourite lady artists you should be following and booking with right now!

Sophie Rose Hunter
Specialising in fine line black & grey tattoos, Sophie Rose Hunter has a predilection for natural motifs and imagery such as snakes, skulls and roses. A closer look into her portfolio will reveal beautifully textured monochrome renderings made with dramatic depth and detail made to fit the body perfectly.

Request a booking with Sophie at The Blue Tattoo in Hammersmith London right here.

Lin Feng
As a tattoo artist, Lin priotises both quality and environmental responsibility, occasionally incorporating eco-friendly practices. Her focus is on delivering top-notch tattoos by keeping up with the latest trends. “ I want to ensure my work is both innovative and mindful of our planet, favouring black and grey in style.”

Experience her eco-friendly practices by booking an appointment here.

Indigo Forever
Beth, under the name Indigo Forever has been a professional hand poke tattooer since 2016, specialising in a unique style of delicate ornamental that is designed for the shape and the flow of the body almost like permanent jewellery. "I'm mindful not to reference anything cultural too directly unless requested, but I am constantly finding new inspiration from the elements of Berber, Croatian, Japanese wagara, Scandinavian folk dar, Art deco Egyptian, Old Norse symbolism... the list goes on."

To get a unique tattoo with Beth in her private studio, you can request an appointment on Tattoodo.

Nikki Bostin
Nikki is a transgender tattoo artist from South Africa based in London, specialising in Illustrative Fineline. She believes that the journey of receiving a tattoo holds equal weight to the final artwork. She is dedicated to providing a sanctuary where her clients feel secure and deeply understood every stage of the tattooing process. "I am profoundly honored to be granted the privilege of accompanying them on this transformative journey”

Request a booking or see more of Nikki’s amazing work right here.

Iva M
Meet Iva, a masterful artist in the tattoo community, is renowned for her captivating Ornamental, Neotribal, and Industrial styles. Kind and willing to help create your tattoo ideas, gently guiding you through the process of transformation with unique tattoo art. Recommended for scars and Coverups.

To get a unique tattoo with Iva, you can request an appointment here.

Andrea Pelosi
Specialising in black & grey and illustrative, Andrea’s talent lies in creating animal and nature-inspired designs. She takes inspiration from traditional Japanese and creates designs that represent both modern and ancient artistic traditions.

Andrea is happy to create custom work for her clients. You can request an appointment here.

Karen Buckley
Devils Detail Tattoo, London
Using contrasting techniques and principles, Karen Buckley is our go-to girl for Geometric and Neo-traditional or “Geo-traditional’ work, as she has coined her unique style. “I enjoy the two contrasting techniques of dot work and color and I think they both appeal to two different sides of my personality. Half of me loves to be organized and structured and the other half enjoys a bit of chaos and disorder.”

To get a unique tattoo with Karen in her inviting North London studio, you can request an appointment on Tattoodo.

Katia Barria
Casa Aurora, London
Brazilian artist Katia Barria works out of a private studio in West London and focuses primarily on fine line application. We love the illustrative look of Katia’s work, and her back-to-basics approach to the style, letting clean and delicate linework speak for itself. A multitude of motifs in her portfolio show she’s unafraid to tackle any kind of imagery, which keeps her work fresh and always interesting.

See more of Katia’s work here or book a tattoo directly with her.

Viviane Bogdanov
Salon Moulin Roude, London
Dotwork and decorative details abound in Viviane Bogdanov’s work, who tattoos all around the UK. Her minimalist design approach lends itself well to small illustrations and those who are looking to collect something a little more delicate. 
With nature as a main source of inspiration, familiar motifs one might notice in her portfolio include florals, stars, moons and snakes with pretty little ornaments and details.

Request a booking with Viviane in the UK here.

Cover image: Sophie Rose Hunter