10 Incredibly Elegant and Discreet Tattoos

If some people favor big tattoos, some others prefer smaller and discreet tattoos especially for their first tattoo.
They are a good test for pain, reaction to inks and to get your foot on the ladder for other tattoo projects. Many tattoo artists have specialized in tiny and discreet tattoos inspired by the minimalistic movement. Very thin outlines, very few shadings and colors, they are simple yet elegant and poetic. This type of tattoos is especially trending in Asia, where the zen philosophy and minimalistic aesthetic is more coveted.
Artists such like Seoeon in Seoul and Chen Jie in Beijing are especially trending in the social networks. But discreet tattoos are also big deal in America where the popular artist Dr Woo from Shamrock Social Club, leaded by tattoo icon Mark Mahoney, is getting more and more attention with his mini tattoos. In the South of Europe, it is the artist Bicem Sinik in Istanbul who is creating delicate little pieces. With the rise of dotwork and linework, these discreet tattoos have become a kind of fashion, in spite of their potential short life as healing and time would make them less visible. But as every tattoo is a personal choice, get the one you truly want and just choose the best artist possible for your small masterpiece... Shape, placement, style: looking for inspiration for a first tattoo or elegant discreet tattoos ? Here a (small) collection of miniature tattoos that are hot right now...
A sweet dotwork fox tattoo by Sophie Su Anika.
A zen bunch of flowers in a bottle placed on the ankle by Seoeon.
Realistic cherry blossoms on the wrist by Krystel Ivannie.
Finely worked dead leaf on the neck by Ilya Brezinski.
Adorable baby bunny by Graffittoo...
Precise thin lines of Dr Woo.
Elegant lotus by Chen Jie.
A smooth rose by Brunella Simoes.
A small olive branch on the side by Bicem Sinik.
A tiny greyhound by Adria Yzaguirre.