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The Burning Devotion Displayed By Sacred Heart Tattoos

The Burning Devotion Displayed By Sacred Heart Tattoos

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These sacred heart tattoos display a beautiful love and devotion.

A symbol of Christian love and devotion, sacred heart tattoos are about as iconic as the pope himself. (Is that considered blasphemy?) No matter what your religious affiliation, you gotta admit that these designs are pretty powerful conceptually. Apparently these babies are representations of Jesus' physical heart in symbolic form; they illustrate his undying love and devotion for the human race. Considering Jesus died for our sins, we can kind of understand how a symbol like this could carry some serious emotional weight. And even if you don't get sacred heart tattoos because of how much you dig Jesus, it's still cool that this particular design has such an intense history within the religious world. 

If you're like us, you may have grown up in a Christian hippy commune where people spoke in tongues, believed in prophesies, and prayed on their knees every single night. And although the power of Christ no longer compels us, we can still really appreciate the beauty of religious icons...especially that of the Catholic persuasion. Some of these sacred heart tattoos definitely carry the bold imagery that hits home, but there's tons of other art that depicts the same aesthetic. Think about it: a whole lotta Catholic imagery involves brutal forms of torture, or super strange happenings like Stigmata. 

Sometimes we wonder...if we counted every single Jesus that hangs on a cross in the entire world, all of those sculptures, and paintings, and rosaries...we assume there'd be a whole lotta sad, dead Jesus's just hangin' around on crosses literally for an eternity. It kind of bums us out honestly...can't the dude catch a break and be cut loose from his tragedy? Perhaps not. That would probably take a lot of rewriting...the Bible...which most people wouldn't take too kindly to. In any case, check out these sacred heart tattoos and be amazing, nay, filled will awe at the love of Jesus Christ.

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