30 Tattoos For Cat Lovers

If cats didn't get our tongue, at least they did get our skin. Here is a selection of beautiful cat tattoos.
Of course, animals are the most popular theme for tattoos, and pet lovers are always enthusiasts to share their tribute to the pet of their life, but in that realm of animal lovers, the cat is the king, stealing the part of a bigger feline, the lion. Cat owners not only ink their furry friends, they also develop a real fascination and obsession with this independant, gracious and mysterious living room's wild beast. They can really cover their body with tails and paws. And I am not referring to old cat ladies here.
Cats have put their claws on many men and women of every age. Proof is the creativity surrounding their tattoos, surprisingly coveted by graphic and new school tattoo artists. They even have invaded Japanese traditional tattoos, with the Monmon cats (tattooed Japanese cats) of tattoo artist Horitomo, of famous shop State of Grace, in California. Yes, kitty is a tattoo star and is smoothing its whiskers. For our greatest pleasure... So, are you a dog person or a cat person? Loving both? Then, you will enjoy this display of silk fur, bright eyes and total cuteness.
But we won't play cat and mouse with you longer and let you enjoy those 30 purrfect tattoos for cat lovers...
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