Fun Types Of Lip Piercings

Fun Types Of Lip Piercings

Below is a list of different types of lip piercings worn by beautiful faces from all over the world with added names of the placements.
Mix, match, and let us know your favorite! Body mods aren't so bad at all! Wishing you all safe piercings, wherever you choose them! Special mentions to my beautiful friend, Asang (first pic) from the Philippines rocking the Labret lip piercing.
Labret (Lower lip, centered).
Exude beauty with confidence, warmth, and style. A great way to balance out hardcore piercings.
Vertical Labret.
Monroe (Upper left).
Madonna (Upper Right).
Medusa (Top Center).
Dahlia (both sides).
Angel Bites.
Snake Bites.
Shark Bites.
Canine Bites.
Dolphin Bites.
Viper Bites, also known as Spider Bites.
Cyber Bites (combination of medusa & labret).
So what would you get? Let us know your favorites! We're sure there are more kinds and combinations, so feel free to share yours!
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