Fun Types Of Tongue Piercings

Fun Types Of Tongue Piercings

Below is a list of three types of tongue piercings to learn and explore. Mix, match, and let us know your favorite!
Body mods aint so bad at all! Wishing you all safe piercings, wherever you choose them!
Standard tongue piercing
Venom piercing
Tongue web
Tongue piercing
Tongue piercings are fun to play with.
Elayne Angel
Elayne Angel from The Piercing Bible. Photo by Todd Friedman.

Some people can afford more than one on their tongue. Can you?!
Tongue piercing
And did you guys know that there are such things as vibrating tongue rings for sexual stimulation?! o_O
Tongue piercing
The things we do for self-expression! We wish you all safe body mods! Remember to seek a professional piercing expert and observe the proper aftercare procedures.

So what would you rather have? Lip, Inner lip, Nose, Eyebrow, Eyelid, UvulaGenital piercings or just tattoos? Share with us your experiences!
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