11 Tasteful & Badass Under Eye Tattoos

11 Tasteful & Badass Under Eye Tattoos

If you're looking to get a face tattoo that's subtle, not too many and badass at the same time, get symbols tattooed under your eye
Under Eye Tattoo
The infamous Tear Drop is a popular prison tattoo symbol that can mean many things. For some prisons, an outline symbolizes attempted murder, while a full black teardrop means that the prisoner committed murder. A life has been taken, which explains why the design is such. If you're a newbie in prison and you happen to have one, you can get in big trouble. Because tattoos are earned there. More prison tattoos on this blog.
Myke Chambers
Badass Traditional Tattoo Artist Myke Chambers was an ex-convict & started out tattooing in prison. Today, he's one of the best traditional tattooers in the industry. Much respect!!!
Under Eye Tattoo
Kat Von D (LA Ink star) also has stars tattooed on her temple, right down the bottom of her pretty eye.
Under Eye Tattoo
She's also got a lightning bolt on the right side to represent High Voltage Tattoo, her tattoo shop in LA.
Under Eye Tattoo
This guy makes the room even hotter with that number tattoo under his piercing, sexy eyes.
Under Eye Tattoo
An anchor tattoo to remind us to stay grounded!
Freddy Corbin (Temple Tattoo) has a bold cross under his left eye.
On the other side are a cross, and two more symbols done by a friend.
Luke Wessman
Check out Luke Wessman, The Coveteur, who also sports a cross under his left eye. He looks really clean and sharp in that outfit. A good way to dress up heavy tattoos!
Obviously, this guy's got Faith.
Under eye tattoo
Looks really hot on women, especially when backed with full blown confidence.

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