30 Artistically Unconventional Cat Tattoos

30 Artistically Unconventional Cat Tattoos

Love cats but sick of the usual sickeningly sweet cat tattoos some cat-lovers like to get, then you came to the right place.
The Birth of a Fat Cat via Distractify
Don't get us wrong, we actually do love our share of ‘sickeningly sweet’ cat tattoos but it's not everyday we get to enjoy the peculiar aesthetic and our insatiable love for cats in one. In another life, when I wake up as a 37-year-old woman with at least a dozen cats in an apartment too big for one human, maybe I'll be covered in these sorts of tattoos. And wine. Definitely wine.
by Adam Kremer
Watercolor style cat tattoo.
by Andy Marsh
Love the ‘out-of-this-world’ vibes here.
Awesome cat tattoo
by Yadou
Sketch style colour tattoo.
Artist unknown.
Here's another UFO-inspired cat portrait tattoo. Love these.
by Chad Lenjer
Something the crazy cat lady in you will definitely appreciate.

Trippy stuff by Davide Cote:
by David Cote
by David Cote
by David Côté
Cat devil tattoo
by George Drone
by Mátyás Csiga Hálasz
Cat in the space tattoo
Cat tattoo
by Ivana Tattoo Art
Ivana sure has her own brand of unique in terms of art style. We definitely have to cover her some time!
by Kadaverism
by Lukas Zglenicki
by Mátyás Csiga Hálasz
by Minervas Lindi
by Mirja Fenris
Ain't it lovely?
by Mugs Costa
Typical, lovable Sasha Unisex pieces:
by Sasha Unisex
by Sasha Unisex
by Sasha Unisex
Cat tattoo
This is simply amazing. I wonder who the proud tattoo owner is!
Geometric cat tattoo
Scary cat tattoo
by Mátyás Csiga Hálasz
by Mátyás Csiga Hálasz
by ltwtattoo
Want some of your own artistically unconventional cat tattoos? Get in here.
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