Magical Beings, Folkloric Forces: Dragon Tattoos

Magical Beings, Folkloric Forces: Dragon Tattoos

Here there be dragons! We'll be playing DnD while you check out these Dragon Tattoos.

Once upon a time there was a dragon tattoo based on a mythical superpower that lived in a mountain. This particular dragon tattoo was an illustration of a dragon that was hoarding tons of gold he had stolen from some guys who perceived the mountain, and the gold, to be rightfully theres. They knew they had to get it back from this dragon, but they needed something to help them. A burglar. So, leaving the home they had known for so long because of the force of this powerful beast, they traveled to a beautiful green area full of lush gardens, sweet houses, and happy people.

This lovely land was home to their burglar. They scooped him up, plopped him on a horse, and began their journey towards the mountain to fight the dragon. On the way many dangers tried to steer them from their path, but even gigantic, terrifying spiders could not stop them. They even had to escape the clutches of some mean elves who seriously need to get therapy because of all the emotional baggage they carry from the past. Later, with the help of some compassionate men and women, the burglar and crew get to the mountain and slay the dragon. 

Okay, so....obviously that's just sort of the plot of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug...but it's true: there are DEFINITELY Smaug tattoos out there...we just couldn't find one for this collection of dragon tattoos. But if someone does have a really awesome piece from that "epic high fantasy adventure film" (once again, thanks Wikipedia...btw, did you know that there is a LOTR specific Wikipedia site? It's called The One Wiki to Rule Them All...LAWLS!)....what were we saying? ....right. If someone does indeed have a dragon tattoo or a LOTR tattoo that we can stare at, send it on over! Thanks. You're the best. 

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