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Tattoo Artists

Want to know more about the world’s most amazing tattoo artists? You’re at the right place!
In Artist Spotlight, you’ll find tons of interviews with artists from all over the world each with their own unique style and tattoo aesthetic. You may already know and admire their art, but here we go behind the scenes with the artist to get to know them, and their work, better. We ask them everything from how they got into tattooing, and where they get inspiration for their fantastic tattoo designs to what their best advice is for new artists and what their hopes are for the future.

Top Illustrative Tattoo Artists in Los Angeles
Reborn: Interview with Migdy
Forever Humble: Interview with Jesus Antonio
Top Traditional Tattoo Artists in London
Miss Vampira: Interview with Mary Minahan
All Kinds of Style: Interview with Doug Hand
A Welcome Gift: Interview with Sema Dayoub
King of Tattooists: The Life of George Burchett
Bloodwraith: Interview with Tattooer Gale Shapira
Headless, Not Loveless: Interview with Nick Trotman
15 Best LGBTQ+ Tattoo Artists to Design Your Next Piece