Color and White Ink Over Blackwork Tattoos

Have you ever heard of white ink over blackwork? People can get sick of their old crappy tattoos.
And failing to find happy cover-ups, get the bold option of massive blackwork sleeves. But no need to have something to hide to get blackwork tattoos, a popular edgy trend. A waste of ink, a waste of skin? Perhaps not, as you can tattoo again over healed blackwork. Black ink is fading, turning slate-gray. Many tattoo artists have started to consider blackwork sleeves as a new challenging canvas for their experiences. And they decided to twist the trendy use of white ink tattoos to create white ink over blackwork tattoos.
You can have the white only option, or add different layers of white to create gradations of grey. Indeed, white ink will fade. But healed photos of white ink over blackwork tattoos are showing the effect can hold strong when correctly made. So, are you bold enough to endure the pain of a full ink cover-up, then white ink? If you don't trust the longevity of white ink, you can also consider negative space tattoos. But interested or just curious, you may want to check those surprising white ink over blackwork tattoos and even colored inks over blackwork tattoos...
A before and after picture showing the amount of work Nathan Mould put on a sleeve.
White Ink
The work of Nathan is giving amazing results and he enjoys posting healed pictures of his tattoos, showing that, yes, the white ink is fading but the effect is still very visible.
Interesting healed shot of this tattoo by Marco Ogg.
By Wayne Fredrickson.
Not a fan of geometry? You can pick the old school option, here by Nick Baldwin.
Can you name the artist of these mandalas in comments please?
By Johnny at Skinworks.
Cool monkey king sleeve in progress by Heath Todd.
Old shool chery blossoms, please credit the artist.
White ink on blackwork
Labyrinth and bodmod by Corey Divine. You can also lighten blackwork full sleeve with scarifications... if you are bold enough!!!
Tired of your old tribal tattoos? You can pimp them with white ink, keeping with the Polynesian basic idea. Here by Alex Apilando.
White ink can cover blackwork: alright, but if I want color? Actually, it seems that if your black sleeve is healed and old enough, color can work out, and guys into biomechanical are taking up the challenge...
Color biomech by Roman Abrego over blackwork.
He was previously known as the "black man" for being fully covered with black ink. Lucky Diamond Rich decided he didn't ran out of space and get a biomech work over his blackwork by Brad Bako. When it seems over, it's not over yet!!!