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White Ink Over Blackwork Tattoos

White Ink Over Blackwork Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

People are getting their blacked out tattoos blasted with white ink, the result is unlike anything we've seen before.

There is a common misconception among some tattoo enthusiasts regarding extensive blackwork — once something has been blacked out there is nothing else you can do. Au contraire my friend, you can actually tattoo white over black! So, thanks to white ink and some ingenuity people are blasting over blackwork with designs that are mind blowing.

At first glance these black and white tattoos appear as if an extremely skilled artist did some of the most detailed negative space work possible. But given the scientific reality of how black ink will spread, we took a second look. And realized that the colorization was not the same as skin either, it is clearly white ink on top of blackwork. This leads to some truly stunning tattoos.

Since white on black tattoos are a newish trend in the tattoo community, we are not really sure how these tattoos age. We can't guarantee that they are going to look anywhere near this great in a couple of years, let alone in 20, especially given white ink's tendency to turn a bit yellow as it ages. Remember though that white ink will never be brighter than your skin tone. But one can't deny that right now they look phenomenal, and with some frequent touch up sessions, as well as the constant technological advancement in the tattoo industry, they may be able to hold that look. By the time you're in black blast over tattoo territory, you're probably well acquainted with the tattoo needle!

Anyhow, more and more people are testing out this new form of tattooing, either as a way to rework an old tattoo or as a creative cover up when solid blackwork appears too heavy. Feeling a little wary of your older ink? A black blast over with some funky white might just be the solution you're looking for. However, if you want a white on black tattoo to cover up older tattoos, be aware that it is usually an important investment of both time and money. Of time because you first need to cover the old tattoos in black, which can take more than one session depending of the surface that you want to cover up, and then you will need a few sessions to apply the whitework on top. Since your skin needs to heal between each session, a full black and white sleeve cover up can take a very long time. And of money, of course, because, well, as we said, you will probably need several sessions to finish the work. You might want to count the costs of travel in your budget too. Indeed, white on black tattoos are not like "classic" cover ups and not all tattoo artists are comfortable with this practice. Make sure to ask your tattoo artist if (s)he has experience with it. You can also choose to start and experiment on a small surface of your skin and see how it goes.

Whether you are interested in getting some blackwork adorned with white ink, or just curious, you need to see these surprising white ink over blackwork tattoos.

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If you are looking to get some blackwork spiced up a little bit with white ink, make sure to contact one of the artists in this article, or download our app to get more inspiration of possible black and white tattoo designs. Hope you enjoyed this look into an exciting new style - white ink over blackwork.

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