16 Amazing Cover-up Tattoos

16 Amazing Cover-up Tattoos

Cover-up tattoos are tattoos used to cover a certain area of the skin that has a scar or an old tattoo which the bearer wishes to cover.
Unfortunately, people still get bad tattoos. Some get them removed through laser removal (which is expensive and damaging to the skin) while others choose to cover it up with a better tattoo. So if you, dear reader, have an old tattoo that you wanted to get rid of, we encourage you to take a look at these 16 amazing cover up tattoos to give you good ideas.
Remember, not all tattoos are good for cover-up. So you gotta find the right artist and discuss with him further on this matter. You wouldn't want a bad tattoo the second time around, would you? So let's all find inspiration from these 16 amazing cover up tattoos.
Dinosaur cover-up by Tim Pangburn.
Skater tattoo dynamically transformed by Megan Massacre on America's Worst Tattoos.
An old spider transformed into a badass Batman tattoo by deviantart artist (and tattoo artist) Remis.
Tattoo by Tim Pangburn
Back tattoos transformed into an amazing Peacock back piece by Paco Dietz.
Think before you get your Ex's name inked. Beautiful foot tattoo cover-up by Reuster.
Cover a small old tattoo with a big one to maximize the space and tattoo placement. Tattoo by Derek Zelinski.
Old robot transformed into a beautiful traditional ship. Tattoo by Tim Hendricks.
Tattoo cover up by Tim Pangburn
Artist unknown
Beautiful done by Jay Freestyle, out of Amsterdam.
Cover up for a tribal sun by Matt Houston.
Amazing cover-up by Nathan Mould from Artisan Pittsburgh!
So think before you ink! Find the right artist and discuss your ideas before getting under the needle.
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