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He's a Tramp...But I Love Him: Dog Tattoos

He's a Tramp...But I Love Him: Dog Tattoos

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Just a good as Lady and the Tramp, these dog tattoos will make your day!

Just as popular as the animal itself, dog tattoos are some of our favorite pieces to ogle. Believe it or not, man's best friend has been around for about 30,000...that's when humans started domesticating dogs to begin with. That's right...they've been there for us through thick and thin for thousands of years. Many genius fans of the hound out there get awesome dog tattoos in homage to their cuddly companions, their right hand best friend fo life. Whether in life or death, a good pup not only makes for a great comrade but makes for great tattoos too...

Dog tattoos can only hint at the deep connection some of us feel with puppers...but it also hints at the long history mankind has had with the animals. Of course, many of these playmates were actually used for more tactical was hard in the ancient years, right? Dogs were used as hunters helpers, for food and to kill household vermin, but were also used to carry materials and belongings...something akin to using donkeys as pack animals, but that still basically continues with sleigh dogs! The one dog that historians see as the link between the ancient and the present is, surprisingly, the Australian dingo. Somehow making its way to that continent some 4,000 years ago, the dingo is probably the oldest surviving breed of dog from primitive times.

As you'll notice in this collection of dog tattoos, we've also included some mutts that were inspired by mankinds deep appreciation for canines. Charlie Browns lovable Snoopy and Disney's memorable hound Goofy. Goofy has been around since 1932, and Snoopy has been around since although they may be old dogs...they definitely keep learning new tricks. Just check out 420 loving Goofball by Kyle Hath, and the satanic Snoopy by Berly Boy!

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