What Makes Isis and Horus Smile? Egyptian Tattoos

What Makes Isis and Horus Smile? Egyptian Tattoos

Wanna walk like an ancient Egyptian? Check out these incredible pieces that show how good Egyptian tattoos can be!

From a young age many people are captured by the magic of ancient Egypt. The mystery, the power of the iconography, the stories of the Pharaohs....so much about it is incredible awe inspiring. So, to celebrate that, we put together this awesome selection of Egyptian tattoos to show ya how it's done!

Egyptian tattoos seem to be a thing that never goes out of style...and, as usual, we always want to make sure that you get the best tattoo possible. The pieces we show you here are indicative of a quality of work that we really appreciate because this is what we're devoted to, and want to share with you! 

But why Egyptian? What is it about the ancient beginnings, in particular, that seem to capture imaginations around the globe? Well, obviously, it could be some of the things we listed below...but we really think that it has to do with what they created while their culture flourished at that time.

The ancient Egyptians created some of the most iconic architecture ever seen from mankind. Their artistic output continues to inspire people, including the artists who made these pieces and the collectors who now wear them!! From their hieroglyphs to their clothing and houses....even the legends they leave behind. Egyptian tattoos illustrate our love for this wondrous culture that there is so much to learn about!

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