Tattooing In Original Locations

Tattooing In Original Locations

Tattoo shops are magical places. But have you ever dreamt of getting a tattoo in more original locations?

By original locations, I'm not referring to kitchen tattoos. Tattoos require very strong rules regarding hygiene to protect both the client, the final tattoo and the tattooist. So don't mess with hygiene!

In some countries, laws about tattoo hygiene are very strict and artists need legal permission to tattoo outside their shop, for example in conventions. In communities with old traditions, tattooists can be found working in temples or other ritual places. These traditions are not common to Western contemporary tattoo world.

But the tattoo artists below have chosen to push the boundaries (with care to their clients' safety and hygiene rules). For artistic or spiritual purposes, they decided to tattoo in locations ranging from amazing to crazy. Take a look at these off-beat experiences and tell us if you would give them a try!

French graphic artist Mikki Bold tattooing in a deserted castle.

Mikki Bold - Le-Petit-Quevilly, France
French graphic artist Mikki Bold recently released a cool video of him making a watercolor mandala inside a deserted castle called "The Monkeys' Castle". An impressive atmosphere which will satisfy both lovers of haunted houses and those curious about watercolor tattoo techniques. More videos are announced, and perhaps more original location. Take a look at Mikki Bold's first great video below.

Piotr Szot - Bielsko-Biała, Poland
Using freehand and traditional hand poke tattoo techniques, tattoo artist Piotr Szot enjoys making his neo tribal tattoos with the strong spiritual vibes of nature and ancient religious monuments around the world. Perhaps not as comfortable as a tattoo shop's chair, but definitely a strong memory and experience! The work of Piotr is worth seeing, so check his Facebook page for more impressive tattoos and pictures of his trips.

Piotr Szot near Athens. A tattoo with a view on ancient Acropolis!
Piotr Szot tattooing with the monks' approval in the Banteay Samre temple in Angkor, Cambodia.
Piotr Szot with the mystic surrounding of a 2000 year old stone circle in Wesiory, Poland.

Supakitch - France/USA
Linework tattoo artist Supakitch is the hero of the webseries Endorphin, directed by Damien Elroy Vignaux. The tattooist inks the body of model Lovatron in various dreamplaces such as a NYC luxury hotel and a sunny beach of California. Imagine being tattooed with the sound of real waves in the background. But beware of sand, sun and salted water in your fresh tattoos! As for Supakitch, his tattoo trip has just begun, where is he going to go next? Visit his Facebook page here and watch the video of the Californian episode below.

Supakitch tattooing model Lovatron in a Californian beach.

Corey Divine - Oakland, California
Always thinking out of the box, Corey Divine challenged himself to do a tattoo on one of his friends while being suspended in space with hooks inside his knees. Suspensions have been used in some tribal rituals and are now trending in the piercing world, with shows during conventions by famous addicts such as Dave Navarro. The idea can be quite creepy, but Corey seems to have enjoyed the experience. Anyone interested? 

Geometric artist Corey Divine opted for the suspensions for more adrenaline!
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