Mandala & Geometric Pattern Work: Kieran Williams

Check out the clean linework from this UK based artist named Kieran Williams.
Mandala by Kieran Williams
Amazing full back piece on @amberjanetattoo.
See the completed design is bellow.
Mandala Kieran Williams
His art consists mostly of mandalas, geometric and pattern masterpieces.
Awesome Mandala full sleeve piece
Kieran Williams
Not much is known about this artist, but his work speaks for itself.
Mandala drawing
Check out the perfect symmetry here on @siggy_smalls and on @jessijamestattoo
Mandala in the process
Mandala in the process
Beautiful piece by Kieran Williams
Tattoo artist Kieran Williams
Linework by Kieran Williams
Impressive piece by an amazing artist Kieran Williams
Mandala tattooo
Mandala tattoo
You can book an appointment with him to get a unique intricate design by dropping him an email (check his instagram bio). @k_ieran Also checkout his Tumblr & Facebook Enjoy!