15 Lovely Traditional Tattoos By Guen Douglas

If there is a tattoo artist that celebrate the beauty and wit of women, it is Guen Douglas.
She is herself cumulating these two assets, with also a huge dose of talent and humor. Creating original tattoos in traditional style, Guen is travelling the world for tattoo conventions and she recently made guest spots in tattoo shops in Holland, Great Britain, Canada, Sweden and Germany. Her tattoos are nerdy, sometimes cheeky, but always refined and eye-catching. We have a weakness for her lovely female portraits, but her portfolio is full of many cool different designs. You can admire her work on Instagram and Facebook.
Fancy Indian princess...
Lovely fortune teller.
The Queen of the bees.
Space adventurer.
Cool bearded lady!
This pie looks yummy!
Badass female knight.
Hello sailor...
Movie girl.
Gorgeous tattooed beauty.
Cat lady.
Hippy girl.
Goddess of Nature.
Exotic fruit lady.
Bonus: not a lady, but ladies (and gentlemen) will enjoy this alternative to the booty hearts...
Portrait of Guen Douglas on a magazine cover by Foto Floor.