Six Tattoo Shop Horrors!!!

By Robert Davies - 
Six Tattoo Shop Horrors!!!

You've made the decisions of all decisions, you're going to get inked!
Taking the step and getting a tattoo is something more and more people are doing. It is estimated that roughly one in 5 US adults has a tattoo and body art today is a norm, there are more people with tattoos than ever before!!
Now when you've settled on the tattoo shop that's right for you the next step involves you sitting down and getting inked up, it's not that scary, nothing could go wrong...or could it??... Checkout these six tattoo shop horrors and find out just how scary getting a tattoo can become!!
1. Death!
Tombstone tattoo
Death by tattoo may sound rather extreme and in truth it is, being killed by a tattoo is near unheard of...but it has happened!! Back in 2009 35 year-old John Chillingworth visited a tattoo shop and got himself a small leg tattoo of a wizard, but only a couple of hours later things took a turn for the worse. The tattoo began to sting and itch, alot more than it should, and after two days became swollen and red! Prescribed some medication by his doctor it was presumed John had a minor infection in his new tattoo...but ten days after his inking John was found dead on his sofa!!!

His death was found to be caused by a blood clot that formed in his lungs caused by deep vain thrombosis in his leg, and while the coroner could not directly link the thrombosis to the tattoo, they could not say it wasn't the cause either! John's lack of activity due to the infection was also highlighted as a possible cause...Either way, ten days after getting a tattoo John died and the tattoo was highly likely to be the cause!!!!
2. Allergic Reactions
Allergic reaction
In recent months there has been lots of talk about tattoos and allergies, as it happens allergic reactions to tattoo ink is a lot more common than previously thought. Allergic reactions to a tattoo affect 1/10 people getting inked!

Of course with millions of people getting a tattoo each year there will always be a few cases where things don't go to plan and the body reacts to a foreign substance! Still, if you have sensitive skin and are allergy prone always check what's in the ink that's about to be under your skin!!
3. Hepatitis C
Pamela Anderson
Back in 2002 actress Pamela Anderson revealed that she contracted Hepatitis C from her former partner Tommy Lee! Anderson claimed that Lee never informed her that he had Hepatitis and so when it came to sharing a tattoo needle she willingly accepted... needless to say aside from getting some new ink she also received a year of medical treatment!!

New York city's 30 year ban on tattooing came from a Hepatitis outbreak back in the 60s so if you're ever thinking of sharing a needle with someone else DON'T!!! Learn from Pamela and know sharing is not caring!!
4. Ink-Related Infection Outbreaks!
Tattoo ink
2012 saw a number of significant events, the Olympics, the Arab Spring, the death of Neil Armstrong and also an outbreak of tattoo related infections across the US! A rise in ink related infections was recorded by health officials and linked to a bacteria being found within some tattoo inks. In Rochester, New York, alone 19 people developed rashes and infections from their new tattoos! Another 30 cases were also reported in neighboring states.

New York health officials discovered that the bacteria found in the ink came from the water used to dilute inks to make lighter shades. The bacteria was common in tap water and as such tattoo artists in New York learnt a valuable lesson; always dilute ink with sterile water!!!
5. Possible Amputation
Amputation tattoo
Yep, the sad truth is that if you don't keep your new ink clean or go to a decent artist to get it you could lose your new body art and the limb it is attached to! If the needle used to inject the ink isn't clean and the place where you're getting tattooed is not up to standard then infection is a highly likely outcome.

A woman in the UK almost lost her foot after a new tattoo became infected. A day after receiving her tattoo the woman's foot became swollen and after two weeks of pain she finally went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with blood poisoning, before being told if she had left it any longer in seeking treatment she may have lost her foot!
...Moral of the story; if your new tattoo becomes infected don't wait two weeks to seek medical treatment!!

6. Tuberculosis!
Allergic reaction
A rash on your tattoo usually means infection, but every now and then it can mean something a little worse! In 2012 a 20 year-old male from New York was alarmed to find a strange rash on his fresh piece of ink. Told first by his doctor that it was an allergic reaction it was later discovered, after further testing, that the rash was in fact Tuberculosis!!

TB, a rare bacterial infection, saw the man receive a full year of medical treatment!!!
...Now after reading this it is highly likely you may be slightly put off getting another tattoo, but DO NOT be deterred! These six tattoo horrors are a rare occurrence, extremely rare in some cases and are not likely to happen to long as you go to a professional tattoo artist and keep your ink clean!!!!
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