Tattooed Professionals: Between Discrimination And Acceptance

Tattooed Professionals: Between Discrimination And Acceptance

We have heard thousands of stories about tattooed professionals being discriminated, sometimes for very small tattoos...
Can you still fire a skilled employee for some inches of inked skin in a world where tattoo is used in upscale advertisement such as Chanel's ads? According to various surveys, 30% of human ressource managers are still considering visible tattoos as a negative point when hiring someone and 30% of people looking for a job still fear their ink will hamper their prospects. But tattoos are becoming more common in workplaces, and not only the ones related to tattoo and art. Some companies have relaxed their policies, as well as many countries regarding their army and police forces. Some others are just asking their workers to cover their tattoos when meeting customers. But the excuse of tarnishing the public image and reputation of a society doesn't apply anymore, as more and more customers are tattooed and would feel more comfortable with tattooed professionals. That's the reason why societies targeting younger customer audience are now encouraging tattooed employees. Tattoo friendly jobs are existing, as well as websites helping you to find them. Tattoos are not for the misfits anymore, when people are paying fortunes to get masterpieces from famous artists... Nowadays, having a good tattoo is almost an external sign of wealth... Indeed, there are still prejudices against tattooed people. Judgemental persons will always be here. But we can fight for a world where the most qualified persons would be hired, regardless of their appearance. With a younger, tattooed workforce and people of all ages falling in love with tattoo art, the job discrimination of tattooed professionals need to stop. And if you still need proofs tattooed people can be successful, employed and admired persons, then, take a good look at these positive and amazing photographies of real tattooed professionals...
Happy graduate Bronte was proud to receive her diploma with her face tattoos. Source: BMEzine.
Chef Kingi Taurua is a popular TV Anchor. Source: Patricia Steur Photography.
Dr. David Ores can save your life. Source: Buck Ennis Photography.
Guillaume Sanchez is a trendy pastry chef who owns trendy restaurants and is invited on popular TV shows.
This heavily tattooed librarian can advise you great literature. Source: Heather Shuker Photography.
Do not judge a book by its cover: Jack Johnson is a devoted pastor. Source: Joel Pares.
Your tattoos don't make you a gang member... Jefferson Moon is leaving Harvard with a future. Source: Joel Pares.
Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert is a successful glass artist and designer.
Leni White is a classic musician. Source: Blake Ezra Photography.
Marisa Kakoulas is a lawyer and the creator of tattoo website Needles and Sins.
Matt Taylor impressed the internet with his sleeves but he is also a skilled NASA scientist.
Pinellas Park Police Cpl. Lonnie Lancto is a badass woman. Source: Luke Johnson.
Randa Roland is a chemistry lecturer at the University of California and a proud owner of tattoos.
State District Judge Kevin Fine proves tattoos are not illegal.
Tattoos is common in professional sports. Here soccer player Sydney Leroux for Nike ads.
Tattooed office worker looking professional.
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