12 Misspelled Tattoos For You To Think Before You Ink

It's really smart if once and awhile you take a good look at some misspelled tattoos.
This will make you double check every tattoo idea you get, so you won't look stupid. Also you will have a good laugh if you see the humour in it! So, we put together a collection of 12 misspelled tattoos. Check it out:
You have to always think as a winner!
This is just bad!
Too young to ink!
I don't know "wath" happened here! fail
He really is! via @anneke013
Angel from grammatical hell, via @lolbadink
That's very deep
Winding some E's
Just broke my heart!
The age of responsibility
That's a double negative! via @rivera049
That's a new type of YOLO