Blac Chyna's Future Tattoo Is Just A Tattoo

People have been speculating hard about whether or not Tyga's ex is dating the rapper Future. Blac Chyna's Future Tattoo
Video vixen Blac Chyna posted a picture on her instagram depicting the word Future on her side palm. Twitter went a little crazy..
The controversial Future tattoo.. via @blacchyna
The truth is, Future is like most rappers nowadays, single and ready to mingle. Who are we to blame him? This picture was later removed by Chyna, but we won't try to guess why..
He quickly took to twitter to clear things up saying, "Single & focusing on what makes me happy".
Looks like Future is not trying to settle any time soon, but doesn't surprise us since he's enjoying the fruits of his latest album DS2. According to him, he is ready to drop another bomb before the end of this year.
Gossip aside, Chyna definitely has something going with floral pieces. Check out her tattoos in detail below.
This is a nice lotus back piece!
Looks like this piece isn't quite healed here yet.
What do you think about her body art? Not bad after all..