Fan Honors Manchester United With Tattoos!!

Fan Honors Manchester United With Tattoos!!

Manchester United has one of the largest followings in football with fans in every country and a support unlike most other teams.
They've won a record 20 league titles and are a staple of English football, love them or hate them the game would not be the same without them. So how can a loyal United fan pay tribute to their beloved team, well you could do what this guy did and cover yourself with Manchester United tattoos!!
United fan Ant Radcliffe has an impressive collection of body art, and a significant part of it are tributes to his favorite team! The tribute tattoos include portraits of iconic players like Eric Cantona and George Best, and of course a true Manchester legend in Alex Ferguson! Ferguson over saw United's most successful period, in which the team won 38 trophies, including 13 Premier League titles and 2 Champions Leagues.
United Legends Ferguson and Cantona!
The ink also includes an image of United's home ground 'Old Trafford', a poem and the Munich clock (a memorial to the players that died in the 1958 Munich air disaster). Even the tattooed names of his children, Bobby and Duncan, are football related. Both were named after Manchester legends, Bobby Charlton and Duncan Edwards!
George Best and the Munich Clock!
While Radcliffe regrets non of his tattoos he does admit they have caused some issues with rival clubs fans; "It has got me into some sticky situations though, especially on visits to Liverpool, where they weren't welcomed too kindly". 
Manchester United tattoo
Most of Radcliffe's work has been done by tattoo artist Kal Fletcher and he has every intention of getting more tattoos; "I just love tattoos, they're addictive. There's still a bit more space on my body for more, but there's time for that."
"We'll Keep Flying The Red Flag High Cos' Man United Will Never Die"
What do you think of Radcliffe's tattoos, awesome tribute to his favorite team or crazy fan ink??

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