Ten Things Women With Tattoos Are Sick Of Hearing

By Jessica Salas - 
Ten Things Women With Tattoos Are Sick Of Hearing

There's a lot to say when it comes to street harassment, and let's face it, women are often bothered, especially women with tattoos.
I, along with a lot of close friends, am always getting asked tiresome questions about body art, most of which are completely uninteresting. I get it, you like my tattoos, and that's awesome. I am more than happy to have cool and interesting conversations revolving around my extensive work because I love it and think it definitely deserves the mention. What I am not willing to do though, is hear the same things over and over again. Here are the top then things that women with tattoos are tired of hearing.
Are you a tattoo artist?
No. Just because I have a tattoo does not make me a tattoo artist. Or a regular artist for that matter. Don’t assume.

You won't ever be able to find a respectable job.
Right. Tell that to my 401k.  Its 2015, it’s ridiculous to assume that my body art will take away from my qualifications or personal experience.
Doctor with tattoos
So like, how many tattoos do you have?

I don’t know because I honestly never really counted. I don’t plan on starting now either. Let’s just go with I’ve got a lot.
What does that one mean?

That is personal, and a lot of women don’t like sharing. Lots of folks don’t mind sharing the meaning behind their tattoos, but I find that each one is so personal to me that I sometimes just don’t want to share.
Hey, look at my tattoo!

I get it, we have something in common, but you don’t have to roll up your shirt (or your pant-leg) to show me your tattoo. Even though I’m sure it’s lovely.
Do you just have money to spend like that?

I just don’t see how it’s okay to ask someone about their money situation. Unless you think it’s okay to ask someone you don’t know how much they paid for their shoes, it’s not okay to ask me how much my tattoos cost me.
I'd like to see the ones that are covered.

I can’t tell you how often we get this one. The answer is always no. And also, ew.
That's gonna look terrible when you get old!

Yeah because you’re going to look so amazing when you’re old. Also, by the time I’m 90, the last thing I’m gonna give a shit about is the way my 70 year old tattoos look.
Elderly lady with tattoos
You'll regret getting those.

Thanks for the advice, but no. Sure, I might regret them, but chances are I won’t, and we all do things we regret, but it’s really not up for discussion.
Did that hurt?

This question is my favorite. I always offer some sarcastic comment in return because I just can’t help it. Of course it hurts, it’s a bunch of needles puncturing my skin! Bonus points if they ask which one of your tattoos hurt more.
Piece of advice, next time you're interested in talking about tattoos, ask about the artist, tell me about a really awesome story behind one of your tattoos, or hell, just say you like them!
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