12 Beautiful White Henna Tattoos To Class Up Your Day

There is a new trend on Instagram for white henna-like tattoos that look elegant and classy!
You get it either in form of flash tattoos, or in a cosmetic compound form if you feel artistically talented enough! We have selected 12 of these beauties for you get inspired.
Beautiful back and hand piece, via @crown mermaid
Classy white henna on the hand, via @blestay_shop
Another elegant one on the hand, via @crown mermaid
Awesome foot placement, via @karma_flashtattoos
Discreet wrist one, via @poppylab
Sexy beautiful back piece, via @sophia_constantine
Cool and elegant on the finger and chest, via @uniquefreakofficial
Keeping it sexy with the underboob piece, via @poppylab
Wrist and finger work here, a lot of class, via @uniquefreakofficial
Big and elegant back henna work, via @ karma_flashtattoos
Real cool to mix it up with you fingernails! via @crown_mermaid