This Roller Coaster Fan Got A Crazy Megafobia Tattoo!!

Megafobia is a world famous roller coaster, and one guy loves it so much he got a huge megafobia tattoo!!!
Welshman Mark Lewis loves roller coasters more than most of people, particularly Megafobia. A wooden roller coaster at the Oakwood Theme Park, Pembrokeshire. The roller coaster was the first white knuckle ride at the theme park and turned into one of the most popular theme parks in the UK. Though, it's safe to say Lewis has a bond with it like no other because he has ridden the ride 4,175 times!!
Since its opening in 1996 Lewis has visited the ride more times than anybody else and even used it to raise money for charity. In the year it opened, Lewis' son was taken ill and spent some time recovering at Great Ormond Street Hospital. After he recovered Lewis decided to ride the roller coaster for charity and in August 1996 spent 12 hours riding the Megafobia an incredible 178 times!!
Mark Lewis and his favorite ride!!
Last year he spent 40 hours on Megafobia over a 5 day period raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital once again. After the 40 hour challenge was complete Lewis decided to commemorate his long association with the ride with a tattoo!!
Proudly showing his Megafobia ink!
"After last year's 40-hour charity rideathon I decided to get a special tattoo to mark the occasion and celebrate my ongoing love affair with Megafobia" 
A closer look at the tattoo!
Although he is clearly the Megafobia's biggest fan, Lewis is not the only person to put his love of roller coasters in ink! Take a look at these other awesome roller coaster tattoos!!
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