11 Portraits By Philip Yarnell

11 Portraits By Philip Yarnell

Known for his solid black traditional approach, Philip Yarnell also has a distinct style when it comes to making portraits.
These portraits are not your typical realistic portraits that we see often. His are based on the simple yet solid style approach to tattooing. The shading technique is executed with such mastery that it gives a really beautiful look to these portrait tattoos. Here are 10 portrait tattoos by Philip Yarnell:
Check out the shading strokes on this. Tattoo by Philip Yarnell.
Robin Williams portrait
Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
Amazing use of bold lines to accentuate the expression.
Rambo tattoo
Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
Portrait tattoo
Check out the bold lines for the mustache.
Christian Bale from American Psycho.
Gomez and Morticia Addams.
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