7 Fascinating Veiled Beauty Tattoos

The mystery and seduction of female eyes are the main asset of these captivating veiled beauty tattoos...
From centuries, Arabian nights tales and aesthetics are creating fantasies and inspiration for artists and Westerners. The sensuality of the belly dancers and veiled beauty tattoos is directly inspired by the ancient Arabic culture, from the stories of explorers and magic literature. The power of the eyes is reinforced in these portraits, adorned with lace and Oriental architecture. If you are fascinated by the wonders of the East and female eroticism, you could be wowed by veiled beauty tattoos...
Fancy portrait by Fabrizio Ferraro.
Intricate piece by Drew Apicture!
Gorgeous tattoo by Chris Mata'afa...
Stunning piece by Bolo.
Fantastic sleeve by Giovanni Speranza!
By Khan.
By Rich Pineda.